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Releasing Weight

Letting go of extra weight comes easily through self-acceptance . . .

I don’t use the word “loss” when I talk or write about weight reduction. We don’t like to lose things, we don’t like loss and so when the subconscious mind hears the word “loss”, it resists it and anything to do with it. There is a tightening in the mind. Therefore, for practical and more beneficial reasons I chose to use words such as release (we like this concept) or reduction or reduce. It takes a little while to get used to using these new phrases as they seem a bit silly at first. Once you get to understand how your deeper mind receives information, you will be pleased to use these new phrases and amazed at how well they work to change our habits.

Releasing Weight

Releasing weight is all about accepting ourselves as we are, learning to fully trust and listen to our bodies and then becoming lovingly conscious of how to nourish ourselves.  Once this process is underway, releasing extra weight is a natural side effect.

Many of us eat emotionally.  We are trying to fill an empty space we feel in our hearts. If we examine this behavior we see that eating doesn’t work to soothe or fill this empty space.  It may work for a short period of time (while we are eating), but the pleasurable feelings soon fade and we are left holding the extra weight it created and the feeling of being out of control.  We pay a big price for this moment of soothing.  We need to look more deeply into what will actually help us when we feel frustrated, disappointed, angry or depressed (or some of us overeat when we are happy, excited, or celebratory).

Because we simply cannot give up eating, we need to find a way to eat with a healthy, conscious, content mind.

It is also important to accept ourselves exactly as we are now, with a lot of forgiveness.  We are simply carrying around too much emotional and physical weight.  Perhaps this has worked for us in the past; it was an intelligent way to cope with whatever presented itself in our lives, but we can now decide it doesn’t serve our purposes anymore.  We’d like to lighten the load and let it go.  We are simply in training.

Options for Sessions

I encourage you to give yourself the time it will take to make these life-long, beneficial changes. After all this is your body and your life! Because food is something we cannot just leave behind, we need to go deeply into the very mechanism, our deepest beliefs and views about eating and food in order to change.

At the start if you consider this your life project and give yourself the time it may take to accomplish this most important goal, then you cannot fail. You can only succeed in moving quickly toward a healthier life.

Treatment Choices

(5 Sessions; $750)

This program is for those who feel their eating issues require some simple re-programming.  It consists of five sessions, two recordings, and a packet of information and instructions to help you reach your goal of developing new, conscious eating habits. The philosophy of my program steers away from dieting and deprivation-oriented thinking and toward more long-term change, self-acceptance, and confidence.

(Ongoing Sessions; initial session: $225; subsequent sessions: $200 per session)

If you believe your eating issues run more deeply and you’d like to address the underlying causes of your eating and food habits, you may need the extra support ongoing sessions will afford you. We can together determine the number of sessions that will best support and decide on a firm plan and structure for your weight release project.

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