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Hypnosis Downloads

Please check back for new offerings of hypnosis downloads. I’m working on new scripts and recordings featuring my own music and 10+ years of experience.


Complete Sleep with Hypnosis – $20

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you find yourself thinking or worrying when it’s time to sleep? For many of us, sleep is the only time when we are able to let go, rest and forget for a while our cares and responsibilities. When our sleep is troubled in some way, it can be a very painful experience. Often we develop anxiety and even strong fear around bedtime or even during the day when we think about the night ahead. This can lead us to develop negative sleep habits. No matter the cause of your particular sleep problem, hypnosis: guided visualization and suggestions for sleeping deeply can lead you toward better sleep. This recording can help you practice falling asleep more easily and staying asleep. Please contact me with any questions about your sleep and this hypnosis Mp3. Sleep well!

(Click on image below to download; running time 24.52)

Deep Release with Hypnosis – $20

Relaxation is underestimated and underutilized in our world today. Breathing, pausing, and simply noticing what you are feeling or thinking for a moment can cause a sense of well-being, great insight and a huge release of stress. Because we are not practiced at relaxing, we have to learn how to do it. Once we begin letting go a little, we can progress and learn to let go of negative thought patterns, physical tension, and worry. We become aware that we can choose to respond to our thoughts and feelings with skill and in a way that is most beneficial to us and to others.  This recording will lead you down into your deepest relaxation. At that level, you find solutions and insights into your current obstacles, you allow stress to dissipate and you feel better both mentally and physically. At this level real change can take place and you begin to live life with more and more ease. Contact me for more information about this hypnosis Mp3.

(Click on image below to download; running time: 25:35)